Kris Jenner Gets Offer to Play Mean Girls Mom in Thank U, Next

“So I go to the bathroom, and I use the toilet paper. And put it in the thing and try and find the flush, and I can’t find the flush,” Ryan continued. “God, now what do I do? I can’t find the flush, and somebody’s gonna come in to use the toilet. So I decide to, you know, look under the panel, and I…oh, I find the flush. Well, somehow the…I don’t know. The technology got…the software was messed up, and it wouldn’t flush.”

Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest


As he attempted to flush the toilet, the water started to build.

“So I’m watching the water level rise…and I think to myself, what…now you’re in this moment of, like, what do I do?” Ryan said. “Do I stick my hand in there and just…these are the things going through my mind.”

Ryan Seacrest, Kris Jenner

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Topshop

The 44-year-old star also thought about calling for one of the Kardashians to come help him.

“The problem is, when you fess up, they’re gonna come in,” Ryan said.

So what did he do? Ryan told Kelly he was “too embarrassed” to let Kris know, so he “left it there.”

Well, it sounds like she knows now!

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