N.Batsuuri has been unsuccessful?

State Champion N.Batsuuri released his departure on November 3rd, when he returned to Mongolia on a flight of 502 at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport. Lkhagchinjargal, Vice-Chancellor of Chinggis Khaan’s Service, said: “The State Champion N.Batsuuri has been disappointed with the indirect correlation of our voluntary dependence on our voluntary N.Batsuuri with three business people. Because he was a Mongolian champion for service fees, he was treated badly with our service staff as a service to our clients, and at that time our employees were more likely to be harmonious and respectful, but under attack. “That’s what you’re supposed to make you unemployed.” Passengers who were at the same time said, “You’re not going to be the champion of Mongolia.” We’ve got the facts. ” .

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